All our team members have now received training to ensure the highest standards of hygiene are practised at all times. Common courtesies - handshakes and other embraces will now be avoided. Our Teams will use disposable gloves where practical. Our Teams will all wear Face Masks when in your home.   All our Teams will bring individual Sanitising Products and will wash hands frequently. We will Clean and Sterilise all installed windows, doors any other areas we are involved with. We will maintain practical distances of at least 3.0 metres from our customers in the home. We will not use any of your home’s facilities, Tea, Coffee, (Bathroom, except in emergency) We only enter rooms that windows & doors are being replaced.
We are also following all guidelines issued by the relevant Government Departments
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All Installations and Surveys will be installed from OUTSIDE your home where practical ( excluding finishing work). 
In keeping with Government policy on the Pandemic  Protocol, we are applying the following requirements for all installations and surveys.  
All our Installations have been suspended until Lockdown is over.
We are providing emergency repairs to all our customers on a Call Out Basis
On our Return to work the following protocols will apply
There must be no more than 2 persons in your home while installations are being completed. We will ask all customers not to engage in social conversations with our installation teams .